Wedding Photographs – Dos and Don’ts

7th July 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorised

Photographs are a moment captured in time, something to share with generations after the event.

When it comes to wedding photographs, over at Derby Weddings we believe it is something to invest in for your day.

❤ When you go to visit venues to choose the ideal wedding location, have a little scout around for those ideal and unique ideas for ‘that’ shot.

❤ Make appointments to meet with potential photographers, you need to be sure they are right for you. It’s important to feel comfortable with them.

❤ Be clear about what you want and get clarity over prices, there shouldn’t be any hidden fees.

Photos of a Dad comforting his son from

Top tip from the pro!

Merv Spencer, who has a photographic studio in Heanor Central Studios told us what he often encounters when meeting people planning a wedding and what his advice is.

“I often speak to Bride and Grooms who don’t like having their photos taken, so I like to set up a pre-wedding photo shoot so they can get to know me and me them. I always go for a less formal and relaxed shoot.
Also if they have pintrest and they are doing a wedding board I ask them to share it with me, that gives me an insight to what they like.
It’s very helpful and helps me get to know them better”

Loving couple on a pre- wedding photo shoot
Courtesy of Merv Spencer Photography
Pre-wedding shoot at Breadsall Priory

Checking on a photographers credentials is vital to protect your money and your wedding day from any issues.

Decide on a ‘shot list’ before the day so you capture everything you want from your photography and get all those group pics your Granny wants!

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