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2nd June 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorised

This week our focus is on the Bridal look,
The planning behind the make up, the hair styles, the trials and the common worries surrounding what may work for the all important big day.

Maybe you’ve chosen to keep your make up simple, or you would like your Bridesmaids to have a similar style to yours.
If you choose to have similar styles do you worry it will suit them all? This is where your make up artist and hair stylists expertise come into play.

A make up artist carefully applies make up to a Bride
Photograph Courtesy of Merv Spencer Photography

We have some fabulous hair & beauty experts within our reach so we asked them for their input and thoughts on what some brides worry about in the run up to the trials and beyond.

Let’s get straight into this one . . .

Make up Artists – Are they really required? Contribution by Jenna Dale Makeup Artist

❤ In short . . . yes! Bridal makeup is not about applying heavy layers of foundation and making you feel uncomfortable. Bridal make up enhances your best features, giving you that bridal glow and making you feel and look like the best version of you on your big day.

❤ If you are spending all that money on your dress and your photographer, it’s important that your hair and makeup completes your look.

❤ A good makeup artist understands balance and will help define your features without that heavy, caked up feeling.

We love what Jenna is saying and we couldn’t agree more.

Head over to her website and blog to find our more about her

Up-do or not up-do – Contribution by Beau Hair

These are our top tips for Wedding Hair;
❤ Collect picture ideas which shout out to you.
❤ Send them to your stylist before the trial with a picture of your own hair.
This shows if you’re into bigger fuller hair or soft feminine natural looks.
An experienced Hair stylist would suggest pretty detailing, soft twists or pretty incorporated braids to create a wedding worthy style.
❤ Blended clip in real hair can create that longer flowing look without looking false.
She will tell you what to buy in if more length is needed.
If you need a little more fullness padding can be used for a natural fuller shape. All good wedding stylists have this in their kits.
❤ The perfect look; Brides should look in the mirror and see a pretty timeless version of who they are.
Book in one of the Beau Hair and Makeup Team for your wedding day and let us create the perfect you.

Thanks for the amazing hair advice from Beau Hair, one of our featured suppliers at Derby Weddings.

To get in touch with them follow the link below.

Bridal up-do with hair cascading over her right shoulder
Photograph courtesy of Beau Bridal

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