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9th June 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Busting The Myths,News & Events

This week we’ve been searching for the top tips to help the Groom. Ensuring everything goes without a hitch, and actually it’s not so easy for the men.
Most tips are aimed at the Brides, how they can make the day go smoothly, make up tips, tips to help sore feet, keeping the bridesmaids happy and so on.

Let’s hear it for the boys;

When we reached out to our local suppliers to ask for their tips and advice, we received this great reply from Jon Paul menswear.

Colour Matching – Contribution from Jon Paul Menswear Brides often become obsessed with matching exact colours, sometimes being reduced to tears when they are unable to get a perfect match.
Nicola and Hannah work hard to reassure them that guests really won’t notice or care.
Most of the time, shades can be matched within a similar palate and it will still look amazing.

Jon Paul Menswear are based in Babington Lane, Derby, they have a large variety of suits available to hire, including ones for the smallest guests and page boys.

On their website they also have a fantastic ‘frequently asked questions’ guide on their website. It includes how far in advance to book your wedding suits, what they do to ensure you will definitely have the right suit to fit on the day and how to measure for family travelling from abroad for the wedding. They have literally thought of everything!

To get in contact with Jon Paul Menswear please follow the link below and give them a call.

Jon Paul Menswear
A Groom stands with his Best man and two Groomsmen against a rainbow with a background of a harbour
Photograph courtesy of Merv Spencer Photography

Groom Top Tip – Contribution from Daniel Burton Photo
Get a second shirt! Getting changed after the wedding breakfast makes you feel refreshed and ready for the evening.
What a fantastic, but simple idea. Especially if it’s a summer wedding, of course you want the great weather but the reality may result in a hot, nervous groom.

Can you offer an insight to a stressed out Bride or a confused Groom, send your contribution into us by emailing or find us on Facebook


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