Mythbusting – Cakes and Drink

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Wedding cakes and cocktails, the cornerstone of a wedding day.

Do you go big, quirky or keep it simple?

Luckily we have some fantastic suppliers on our side, so we bent their ears for their top tips.
Here are a few to get you thinking about what you want for your wedding.

Naked Cakes – Contribution from The Cake Spa

There is a trend for semi naked cakes, cakes that are partially iced with buttercream so some of the sponge shows through.

However The Cake Spa told us a common assumption is that a semi naked cake is cheaper, when in reality a fully iced cake doesn’t cost that much more.

Find out more about The Cake Spa by clicking the link

A Semi Naked cake made by The Cake Spa

On to the bar,
Mobile bars are becoming more popular, they are often quirky, can work to budgets and have options to create your own menu.

A Flexible Option – Contribution from The Bubble Bee Co.

We find that people can sometimes be afraid to ask about our menu.
Due to the space we can’t serve every beverage, but if a couple asks we always do our best to tailor our menu to the couple’s needs.
Another good tip for a couple planning their wedding is to ask the bar if they can add a drink to the menu.
The worst they can say is no.

Find out more about their services by clicking the link

The Bubble Bee Co in action

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