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No question is a silly question, so when you are planning your dream wedding how long do you wait to ask that question, you know the one that everyone appears to just know.

Here at Derby Weddings we’ve reached out to our suppliers and contacts to find out those things, hopefully we will bust some myths for you, teach you some new tricks and maybe even inspire a few new ideas.

When planning your wedding day you don’t need to be afraid of branching out and going against traditional, or even going against modern and going completely traditional. It’s your day and should be exactly what you want, not what Auntie Nelly thinks you should have.

So many things to consider

The to do list can feel never ending, so many thing to coordinate and consider, what do you need to sort first, where do you begin?

Invitations and Wedding Stationary. – Contribution by The Smallprint Co

Do you have to use a ‘Save The Date?’
❤ If you are holding your wedding during the Summer months or around Christmas we recommend a ‘Save the Date’ to allow people to plan their holidays and make appropriate arrangements for work, this is also a good idea if people will be travelling from a overseas to attend your wedding.

How soon do invitations have to be sent out?
❤ Three months before the big day is ample time.

What is the recommended wording of an invitation?
❤ It’s personal preference, some people still choose to use the traditional ‘Parent’s request the pleasure of’ but it has become much less relevant.

Thanks to our friends over at The Smallprint Co for sharing their insight and knowledge.

To find out more about what services they offer click the link.

Dress Shopping – Contribution from Rococo Bride

When should I buy my gown?
❤ We’ve noticed three reasons why Brides ask this question;
▪ They have been told it’s ‘too early’
▪ They have to budget for payments.
▪ They are planning to loose weight before the wedding.

With this points in mind my advice to brides is you order your gown when you feel ready. If you have the money available to place your deposit then any time after you’ve booked the venue is a good time.
The style of gown you choose may reflect the type of wedding you are having, or even location. Your inspiration and love for the gown should never change.
All gowns can be altered to fit, and usually this is done close to the wear date so weight loss should not be an issue.
You should fall in love with a gown for how you feel in it and it should make you feel amazing.
As for family and friends, it’s not their day it’s yours! So if you want to order 2 years in advance . . . . go for it!

Thanks to Rococo Weddings, one of our featured Bridalwear clients at Derby Weddings, to find out more about them please click the link.

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