Choosing Your Wedding Transport

24th June 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News & Events

A newly married Bride and Groom ride on the street on mountain bikes
A novel way of arriving at a wedding!
Photograph kindly provided by Merv Spencer Photography

Deciding on what vehicle to arrange for your wedding can be a difficult decision and there can be important points to consider.

In this week’s blog we will try to cover some of those points and give you some tips to aid you along the way.

Who is travelling?

Your first thoughts should be about how many cars you might need and who will be travelling in them.

The Bride, are you travelling with your bridesmaids? Or parents.
Perhaps you are choosing to travel with just your Father and want a separate car for the Bridesmaids and Mother.
Think about how many seats you require altogether before you speak to the company.

Something to consider when speaking to a Wedding Car company is to ask about their insurance when carrying children as some older cars cannot carry children in the seats due to insurance and the seatbelts in the cars.

The Groom may wish to travel with family, or just the best man.
Maybe a sporty little number?
One option may be to hire a car for either the Groom or Best Man to drive to the venue and return the following day.

Classic or Modern?

You will probably know what kind of a ‘look’ you want for your day and your Wedding cars can play a huge part in this.

A classic Rolls Royce or super sized Hummer it’s all down to you.
Perhaps a quirky VW Campervan would suit your personalities better!

Get in touch with some companies and ask to go and see view the cars. This way you will be better informed of the type of car you would like.

Twin boys dressed in shirts with bow ties stands with a best man on an old traditional bus.
You could decide to treat your entire wedding party to a trip, on a old style bus.

Consider the Dress?

Having personally packed my Best Friend, dress and all into the back of a BMW convertible on her wedding day, this is an important point!

Will it fit?
Can you make a graceful exit of the vehicle without flashing that expensive wedding lingerie at the waiting Bridal Party?

Pick a Reputatable Company

To prevent any last minute disappointments you should ensure your car booking is with a company that is trustworthy.

The National Association of Wedding Car Professionals encourages comapnies to register with them so you can be assured your Wedding Car provider will not let you down.

Find some local Wedding Car providers in our wedding directory.

A Bride and Groom walk under a classic Bridge with a Yellow New York Cab next to them. The picture is black and white except for the Yellow Cab and a Red traditional phone box.
When your wedding has a New York theme there’s only one car to choose from!
Photograph courtesy of Merv Spencer Photographic

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