Celebrants – I do, but how?

14th July 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News & Events

When creating a unique wedding that reflects your personalities you may have heard about using a celebrant to conduct your ceremony.

Questions are often raised with the legalities of a being wed by a celebrant.

In this week’s blog we hope to answer a few of the queries we hear from Brides and Grooms about using a celebrant

Fancy a Tipi wedding?
Photograph courtesy of Samitipi

Is it legal?

At this present time in England, no a celebrant cannot legally marry a couple.

Most couples choose to hold an official ceremony in the days before in a local registry office, all you require is 2 witnesses and the usual paperwork required to legally marry.

During your wedding ceremony you can choose any number of options to make it personal to you as a couple, some examples include;

❤ Handfasting – Historically a Pagan or Wiccan ceremony, esstenitally a couple are bound together to symbolise their connection and commitment to one another.

❤ Themed – Any theme you like, Harry Potter, Star Wars, literally whatever you choose.

❤ Tree Planting – During the ceremony a tree is planted by the couple as a visual representation of their new life together beginning.

We could list more, but the options are endless!

The question to discuss with your partner is what do you want from your ceremony, is there a feel you want, a ritual to include or something quirky like a shot as you are joined together.

Now for the fun part, where?
When getting married by a celebrant you can choose wherever you want.
You are not tied to having to find a licenced venue, you could hold it in your own garden and have a BBQ!

If you want to use somebody’s venue or a piece of land it’s worth noting you should get the correct permission before planning a wedding there.

Looking for a celebrant for your Derbyshire wedding?


A word from a celebrant – Contribution from Helen Jubb

Dream of getting hitched on a clifftop, in your back garden, an unlicensed building or at dusk but think it’s not possible?

A couple can have a wedding ceremony anywhere at any time with a celebrant!

The vows and ring exchange are rituals not legal requirements so with a celebrant you can write your own vows, have a ring warming or just keep things simple but oh so you with a personal ceremony telling the story of your journey as a couple so far.

Helen Jubb is a UK Celebrant, she is based in Sheffield who covers South Yorkshire, Derbyhsire and Nottinghamshire.
Find out about what services she can offer by clicking on the link.

Photograph courtesy of Helen Jubb.

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